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Discover Nepal’s Majestic Jalbire Waterfall: A Must-Visit Breakpoint

Jalbire Jharana.

Jalbire Jharana, also known as Lamo Jharana, is a stunning waterfall in Chitwan, Nepal. It’s 102 meters tall and located in Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality-6.The name Lamo Jharna is the official and local name for this beautiful long waterfall. Likewise, this Jalbire Waterfall lies on the Narayanghat-Mugling Highway. It is at a distance of about 8 km ahead of Mugling to Chitwan. Meanwhile, most of the visitors heading towards Chitwan surely visit this beautiful waterfall.

This place is better preferred as a breakpoint after a long drive from Kathmandu to your destination. Similarly, you can stop at this place while traveling Narayanghat-Mugling Highway and enjoy local foods. Visitors must pay entry fees at the gate of Jalbire Waterfall.

This place is a very much exciting and adventurous to visit. You can take bath in the fresh waterfall as well as enjoy different adventurous activities in this region. The adventurous activities include rock climbing beside the waterfall and canyoning. Jalbire Waterfall located in Jalbire, Chitwan is famous among youngsters mainly in the summer season. Visitors traveling by this area do not miss this beautiful waterfall. Equally important, you can spend a worthy time observing the calm nature surrounded by green forests and hills all around. The sound of water falling from a height attracts every visitor visiting there. Visitors not only listen to the sound of falling water but also feel the waterfall at the same time here. Better I say this place is not only attractive but a must-visit place if you are along Narayanghat-Mugling Highway.

The word “Lamo” means “long” and “Jharana” means Waterfall in the Nepali language. Eventually, the meaning of the name Lamo Jharana means Long Waterfall. Whether it is summer or winter, you can see visitors in all seasons enjoying the waterfall. There is a good facility for visitors in the waterfall area. Public toilets are available in the waterfall area. Likewise, there are also enough hotels and restaurants to enjoy the local foods found there. The beautiful waterfall which is 102 meters long attracts the heart of every visitor visiting there. It is beautiful to watch a waterfall in the middle of green forests and very near to one of the most important highways of Nepal Narayanghat-Mugling Highway.

As of 2023, at least 200 tourists visit the waterfall daily. Moreover, the management committee of Lamo Jharna has a record of the maximum number of tourists 1200 in a day. Tourists visit this beautiful waterfall from Kathmandu as well as from outside the country. Pilgrims visiting the famous Manakamana Temple also visit this place. Visitors come to this place for canyoning, rock climbing, swimming, sliding, jumping, and hiking as well. Canyoning is one of the main attractions of this place that attracts hundreds of tourists. Similarly, the small ponds in the area provide the opportunity to react to the cold and fresh water.

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