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Government Selects Vikram Ghimire as Tourism Promoter for North Carolina

The government chose Vikram Ghimire, a young social worker, to promote tourism in North Carolina, USA. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation selected him for this important role.

Being appointed as a Tourism Promoter is a big deal, and there haven’t been any new appointments like this in the past year. Vikram Ghimire is one of 30 people chosen by the government to promote tourism in different cities around the world.

Ghimire has been doing social work in various roles in NRNA America. He’s young and has previously worked as a tourism ambassador for North Carolina.

The decision to appoint Ghimire as the Tourism Promoter for North Carolina was made by the government on February 8, 2022.

The Tourism Ministry selects people who are involved in tourism activities for these roles. Ghimire, the newly appointed Tourism Promoter, is thankful to the government for choosing him.

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