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Public-Private Cooperation is essential for Tourism Growth

The head of the Nepali Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba, shows the necessity of enhancing public-private sector cooperation. Partnerships like these are essential to the tourism industry’s growth. In his announcement of the official launch of ‘Be Bharatpur! 2024’ today on the banks of the Narayani River in Chitwan, he emphasized the significance of collaboration among all stakeholders engaged in the growth of the nation’s tourism sector.

President Deuba noted that cooperation between associations, provinces, local bodies, and relevant authorities is crucial for tourism growth in Nepal because of the country’s federalism and decentralization policies. He voiced worries about how the COVID-19 outbreak might affect Nepal’s economy and the momentum that the travel and tourist industry is currently experiencing.

“The Visit Bharatpur Year will not only promote national and international tourism but also contribute to the country’s economic development,” stated President Deuba. He highlighted the present administration’s initiatives to work in the tourism development sector by partnering with the business sector.

Bharatpur’s good facilities for the growth of tourism were highlighted by President Deuba, who also recognized the city as a popular tourist destination. “Bharatpur has emerged as the main economic center of the country with its establishment as a major economic hub focusing on topics like biodiversity, eco-tourism, wildlife-related sports, health, agriculture, and tourism,” he stated.

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