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Snowfall Brings Joy to Rasuwa’s Northern Region

In the northern part of Rasuwa, there has been snowfall along the Gosainkunda trekking route. This snowfall has made the local people happy. Earlier, farmers were worried because there was no snow or rain until the months of Poush and Magh. They were concerned that crops wouldn’t grow well without enough water. However, when the snow finally arrived, farmers were relieved and happy because it would help their farming.

In Ward No. 3 of Varagu village municipality in Gaunsahar, people are happy about the snowfall. They believe it will not only be fun to play in the snow but will also be beneficial for farming. Durga Dhakal from Kalika-3 area mentioned, “Even though there was not much snow, we had some light rain which was helpful for agriculture and crop growth.”

After the snowfall, people have been enjoying playing in the snow. Farmers in the northern region are pleased because the snowfall will lead to better crop yields. Areas like Langtang, Thulo Syafru, Goljung, and Gatlang have also experienced snowfall. The ground and trees are now covered in snow after the snowfall.

The snowfall will increase nitrogen levels in the soil, which will benefit crops like millet and barley. This will directly help farmers who grow various crops such as buckwheat, barley, and millet. Due to the cold weather, people have lit fires inside their homes. After the snowfall, people have also cleared snow from the roofs of their houses.

Popular tourist destinations like Langtang, Kyanjin, Mundu, Thangsyapal, Gosainkunda, Buddhamandir, Cholongpati, Chandarbari, Dhimsa, and Deurali have also experienced snowfall. Similarly, places like Thuman, Nagthali, Briddhim, Godagyaan, and Khaidim have also seen snowfall. Local resident Subba Tamang from Thulosyaphru, Brabal, and Mukharka areas said, “After the snowfall, we have noticed that crops like barley, millet, and buckwheat are growing well, which is great news.”

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