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Narsinghakot Transforms into Prime Tourist Destination with Infrastructure Development

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The rural municipality-7 of Nisikhola, under the jurisdiction of Bhurung, a state in Baise-Baisi, has initiated the construction of infrastructure as part of its development as a tourist destination. The Gandaki Province government and the rural municipality have invested in infrastructure development.

With the commencement of infrastructure construction and increased promotion, the internal tourism in the area has also seen growth. The physical infrastructure development in Narsinghakot, aimed at making it more organized and tourist-friendly, has been initiated, according to Deepak Kunwar (Dipu), the chairman of Ward No. 7.

The recent rise in internal tourism has been observed in the area, particularly due to its proximity to Burtibang Bazaar, the second commercial center of Baglung. It takes about an hour’s journey by bus from Burtibang to reach Narsinghakot. However, the lack of alternative options like the Saljhandi-Dhorpatan road route makes it necessary to establish longer routes. Most tourists from Burtibang prefer to walk to Narsinghakot.

Narsinghakot, located within a 15 to 20 minutes walking distance, has also become an attraction for tourists. According to the chairman, continuous investment by the rural municipality and the provincial government has been made for the development of this area. He expressed the commitment to complete previous projects such as the construction of tourist parks, trails, temples, road infrastructure, fencing, forest management, and restoration of old structures.

During the current fiscal year, Gandaki Province has allocated Rs. 10 million, while Nisikhola Rural Municipality has allocated Rs. 7 million for physical infrastructure development, stated Kunwar. He further added, “The rural municipality allocates budget for development every year, and the provincial government also provides investment. This year, the allocated budget from the rural municipality is being used for the construction of Kalika Temple, fencing including walls, and water management, among other infrastructural developments.”

More than a hundred tourists visit Narsinghakot daily, and an increase in the number of tourists is anticipated in the coming days. Surya Bahadur Gharti Magar, the chairman of Nisikhola Rural Municipality, expressed his aspiration to make the municipality prosperous through tourism development. He mentioned that railings have been constructed along the trails to facilitate pedestrian travel.

“We have been investing in other places in the municipality, including Narsinghakot, with the support of the provincial government. Construction of physical infrastructure and intense promotion have attracted tourists to the area,” said Chairman Gharti Magar. He further stated, “Small investments are made by the rural municipality, and significant investments are made with the support of the provincial government.”

The historical significance and religious importance of Narsinghakot have been prioritized by the rural municipality for development work, according to Gharti Magar. He added that constructing pathways for easier pedestrian travel is the goal, including railings along the paths.

Narsinghakot hosts temple festivities every year, including Navadurga’s day, where elaborate worship rituals are performed, including animal sacrifices. Worship rituals are performed on auspicious occasions like Vaishakha Purnima, Mangsir Purnima, and Chaturdashi Purnima. It is believed that wishes are fulfilled through worship. People from various places like Baglung, Pyuthan, Gulmi, Rolpa, Rukum, Palpa, and Arghakhanchi visit to perform worship rituals.

Tourists can also observe Burtibang Bazaar clearly from here, and views of various districts like Baglung, Myagdi, Pyuthan, Gulmi, Rolpa, Rukum, Palpa, and Arghakhanchi are accessible. Additionally, several ranges of the Dhaulagiri Himalayas and stunning high mountain landscapes can be viewed.

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