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“Gold Glory: Nepal’s Win at the World Championship of Muay Thai”

Nepali Muay Thai fighter Gunraj Ruchal clinched the gold medal at the 19th Muay Thai World Championship held in Bangkok, Thailand. He won in the semi-pro men’s 54 kg category by defeating Italy’s Graviel Olariu. This is the first time a Nepali athlete has won gold in this category.

Gunraj’s victory came in his eighth appearance at the World Championship, making it the biggest achievement by a Nepalese Muay Thai player. Previously, Palistha Kashpati and Sanjay Rai won gold in 2019 and 2017, respectively, but in the amateur category. Parika Batas also secured gold in the women’s 45 kg division by defeating Ranini Kundaswamy of Mauritius, who is a three-time world champion. Additionally, Sushil Shah Thakuri won silver in the men’s 51 kg category, while Guman Gharti Magar earned bronze in the 57 kg division.

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