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Exploring Nepal’s Historic Pharping Hydropower Water Reservoir

Situated away in the lush hills that round the Kathmandu Valley is the historically and culturally significant Pharping Hydropower Water Reservoir.  Although it isn’t a major tourist destination, it provides interesting insight into Nepal’s efforts to use hydropower and is a peaceful place to get away from the buzz of the city.

The reservoir serves the Pharping hydroelectric facility, which claims to be the second-oldest hydroelectric facility in Asia.  With the assistance of British engineers, construction got underway in 1907 and was finished four years later.  In the beginning, the power plant produced energy for the Rana family, the royal family, and a few lamps using spring water from the Satmule and Shesh Narayan regions.

The Pharping Hydropower Station’s function has changed over time.  Although at first, it provided electricity, as Kathmandu’s energy needs increased, its function progressively waned.  These days, Bhaisepati, Sainbu, and Kupondole receive their drinking water from the reservoir, which serves the Lalitpur district.

Beyond its current use, the Pharping Hydropower Water Reservoir is significant because:

  • A Historical Landmark: The reservoir serves as proof of Nepal’s innovative attempts to use hydropower, a sustainable energy source. You may take a trip back in time and enjoy this historical wonder by visiting the location.
  • A Calm getaway: The reservoir, surrounded by rich vegetation, provides a calm getaway from the bustle of Kathmandu. The peaceful setting is ideal for unwinding, introspection, or having a picnic while taking in the scenery.
  • Prospects for the Future: A Living Energy Museum is intended to be built in the Pharping neighborhood. The objective of this project is to conserve the historic hydropower station structure and highlight Nepal’s hydropower development history. The reservoir would be the focal point of this kind of museum.

Even though it might not be a popular tourist site, people looking for something different and off the usual road might give the Pharping Hydropower Water Reservoir some thought. Before you go, be aware of the following:

  • Getting There: About 12 kilometers south of Kathmandu is where the reservoir is located. You can take a car, a cab, or, for the more daring, a bicycle to get there.
  • Limited Amenities: There aren’t many facilities close to the reservoir because it’s not a recognized tourist destination. It’s advisable to bring any necessities, such as snacks and drinks.
  • Respect the Environment: It’s important to keep the reservoir clean and litter-free because it provides drinking water.

Discover the historical site, enjoy the beauty of nature, and learn about Nepal’s efforts to harness renewable energy by paying a visit to the Pharping Hydropower Water Reservoir. Thus, think about including the Pharping Hydropower Water Reservoir in your travel plans for Nepal if you’re searching for something different from the typical tourist destinations.

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