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Nepal’s Tourism Drive USAID and Steller Join Forces

The Nepal Tourism Board is starting a campaign to promote tourism in Nepal in 2024 with assistance from Steller and USAID. The goal of this campaign is to showcase Nepal’s rich cultural heritage, fascinating history, and beautiful tourist destinations to a global audience. In 2023, they conducted a successful campaign that attracted 16.3 million travelers and generated $15.8 million in media coverage.

The renowned travel storytelling platform Steller is providing support for the 2024 campaign. International content makers for Steller will capture images and movies of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bardiya, and Illam, among other popular tourist destinations in Nepal. In addition to reaching more than 20 million people, they want to increase tourism in Nepal.

The U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, Dean Thompson, spoke at the launch ceremony about how Nepal is a wonderful destination because of its incredible animals, landscapes, and cultures. According to him, USAID backs Nepal’s tourist industry since it contributes to sustainable and equitable economic growth.

The Nepal Tourism Board’s Nandini Thapa noted that the country welcomed over a million foreign visitors in 2023, demonstrating the country’s expanding tourism industry. According to her, this campaign will maintain that growth by showcasing Nepal’s fantastic year-round tourist destinations and elevating the country to the global traveler’s list.

The collaboration between Steller, USAID, and the Nepal Tourism Board demonstrates their shared goal of advancing the country’s tourism sector and attracting further capital to improve traveler experiences.

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