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CNP’s Strategy for Conservation by Transferring Rhinos

chitwan national park

Three male rhinoceroses in Chitwan National Park (CNP) were moved from the western part to the eastern part. This decision was made because there were too many rhinos in the western area.

Two of the rhinos, aged around eight and 17, were taken from Dibyapuri in Nawalparasi and released into a forest near Khairhani in east Chitwan. Another rhino, about 28 years old, was brought from Kawasoti and released near Kasara in the east.

The park used 60 people, including elephant handlers and other staff, along with elephants to help with the relocation. They plan to move six more rhinos soon, but only those older than eight years old.

In Nepal, there are 752 rhinos, with most of them (694) in Chitwan National Park. Bardiya National Park has 38 rhinos, Shuklaphanta National Park has 17, and Parsa National Park has three.

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