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The monsoon will increase nationally on Sunday, June 23.


This year, the monsoon that has already begun in the country is likely to spread all over the nation starting Sunday. 

According to the Metrological Forecasting Division, the monsoon has reached the Lumbini province and is expected to spread throughout the country by June 23.

Though the monsoon is normally expected to arrive in Nepal on June 13, it entered the country from eastern Nepal on June 10.

As the monsoon becomes more active in Nepal, the heat waves will gradually decrease.

When the monsoon arrived last year, it took three weeks for it to move throughout the country.

There is a high chance of light to moderate rain, thunder, and lightning in multiple regions of Koshi, Madesh, Bagmati, and Gandaki provinces, as well as in a few locations in Lumbini Province’s hilly region and one or two other locations across the nation. 

In one or two locations in Koshi Province and Gandaki Province, there is a possibility of heavy rainfall.

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