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First-ever AI concept paper prepared in Nepal

AI concept paper

For the first time, the government has created a concept paper on the application and usage of artificial intelligence (AI). The government created the concept paper with the goal of establishing a platform for developing suitable regulations and policies regarding the use and operation of AI in the context of a nation lacking these and in considering the technology’s growing significance and growth worldwide.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s appointed technical team researched for nearly five months and developed the concept paper.

On January 19, the technical committee was established. The Ministry received a report on the concept paper that the committee had written. The report has encouraged the government to implement the necessary laws, policies, and procedures for creating, applying, and controlling artificial intelligence.

The report highlighted the need to address cyber security, data protection, and privacy issues at the policy level. It recommended developing national policies related to artificial intelligence (AI), creating national plans and structures for data protection, as well as legal bases for both the use of AI and user privacy, and determining standards that are compliant with international standards for laws and policies related to data safety and protection.

Timilsina, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry and a member of the Technical Committee for Concept Paper Preparation, also shared that the report recommended creating an integrated national portal to facilitate the exchange of AI-related information, giving priority to AI research, development, and use, and implementing projects to speed up the application of AI.

“A strategy should be taken to promote privacy protection, transparency, and accountability, research on the development and promotion of use of AI as well as increasing investment and collaboration” , according to the paper.
According to the research, the appropriate industries ought to focus on the development and promotion of AI use in their policies, strategies, and programs.

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