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Top 4 Places to visit in Far West Nepal

Far-western Nepal is a gem waiting to be discovered. This region, known for its raw natural beauty, offers a mix of stunning landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and rich spiritual and cultural traditions. From majestic Himalayan treks to vibrant national parks, here are the top places to explore in far-western Nepal.

Far West Nepal


    Humal is a beautiful himalayan district situated between 3000m and 5000m above the sea level. It lies in Karnali zone. It is popular for different things. Humla is a heaven for both spiritual and nature explorers. Limi Valley Trek is a great adventure trek in Humla.  It is about 20 days covering beautiful and remote villages. The trek starts from simikot, and goes along serene villages like Yalabong, Hilsa, Manepeme, Til and Tatopani. 

    Another important aspect of Humla is Kailsh and Manasarovar darshan. Devotees from Nepal, India come to Humla for the darshan of Kailash which is the abode of Lord shiva. Lapcha is the place where the devotess have darshan of Mt. Kailash and holy Manasarovar Lake. 

    Kailash From Far West Nepal

    Khaptad National Park 

      Khaptad National Park iis a serene escape with beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills, meadows, and forests. It is spread over four districts. It is  home to diverse wildlife like leopards, bears. Khaptad also features over 270 different species of birds. Khaptad Baba Ashram, a important spiritual site is also situated in Park, along with the  Khaptad Lake.The ashram is named after the revered holy man Khaptad Swami. 

      With its peaceful trails and raw nature, Khaptad is perfect for trekking and nature lovers. 

      Hiking trails in Khaptad provides trekkers with breathing mountain vistas. These remote trails are perfect for one seeking adventure and fun.

      Khaptad national park in Far west Nepal

      Bardiya National Park

      Bardiya national park is protected area, established in 1988 A.D. It covers an area of 968 KmSq.  Bardiya National park is mostly famous for Tigers. There are about 125 tigers in the area. People visit the National Park to see the tigers in its raw environment. It is also home to various wildlives such as Rhinos, leopards and elephants. It is home to 250 species of birds. 

      Visitors to Bardiya can enjoy activities like jungle safaris, bird watching, and rafting on the Karnali River. The park’s vibrant flora and fauna and its scenic landscapes, offer a thrilling experience for nature lovers. 

      Bardiya national park in Far west Nepal

      Sukhlaphanta National Park

        Sukhlaphanta National park is another gem of far west Nepal. It is a wildlife sanctuary which is known for its beautiful grasslands and wetlands.The park is famous for having the largest herd of swamp deer in the world. It was established exclusively for the protection and conservation of Swamp deer in 1976 A.D. This park covers an area of 305 sq. Km.Before 1976, this was a spot for the royal people to hunt. 

        Suklaphanta National Park in Far west Nepal

        Far-western Nepal is a hidden treasure full with natural beauty, adventure, and spiritual richness. From the majestic Himalayan landscapes of Humla and the serene trails of Khaptad National Park to the thrilling wildlife encounters in Bardiya National Park and the unique grasslands of Suklaphanta National Park, this region offers something for every traveler. A journey to far-western Nepal promises unforgettable experiences and a true escape into nature’s finest.

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