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Discover the Delicious Newari Khaja Set in Nepal

Newari Khaja Set

Explore the heart of Nepali cuisine with the Newari Khaja Set. It is a traditional meal from the Newar community. This set includes a variety of dishes with different flavors and textures. Whether you love food or are just curious, the Newari Khaja Set offers a delicious and memorable experience. Join us to discover this tasty journey!

What’s in a Newari Khaja Set?

  1. Baji (Beaten Rice): This is the base of the meal, providing a light and fluffy texture that goes with the other dishes. People often mix Baji with other dishes and eat along.
  1. Aloo Tama (Potato and Bamboo Shoot Curry): A tangy and flavorful curry made up of potatoes and fermented bamboo shoots. 
  1. Bara (Black Lentil Patty): Bara is a pancake made from soaked lentils. It is a satisfying crunchy Pancake. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  1. Choila (Spiced Grilled Meat): Choila is a tender pieces of marinated meat (usually buffalo or chicken) that is grilled. It is seasoned with traditional spices, which makes it even tastier.
  1. Achar (Pickles): The pickles are often spicy and tangy. They really enhance the flavors of the entire meal.
  1. Saag (Leafy Green Vegetables): Saag is a fresh, seasonal green vegetables lightly fried with spices. It is a healthy addition to the set. 
  1. Kwati (Mixed Bean Soup): A delicious soup made from a variety of sprouted beans, cooked lightly and filled  with aromatic spices.

Additionally, Newari khaja set is  also served with Aila or chyang which are local drinks. You can enjoy the set with a Aila or a chyang.

Why Try It?

This meal isn’t just about eating—it’s about experiencing Nepal’s rich culinary delights. Each dish tells a story of tradition and culinary skill of the community. Every bite of the Newari Khaja Set is a journey of flavors.

Where can I enjoy the Newari Khaja Set?

You can find Newari Khana Sets in many restaurants across Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, where eateries in places like Patan and Thamel serve up authentic versions. 

When you visit Nepal, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try a Newari Khana Set. It’s a feast that combines tradition, flavor, and hospitality—a true delight for anyone exploring Nepali cuisine.

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