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Due to monsoon risks, the valley’s access to Melamchi water has been stopped.

The Melamchi Water Supply Board has stopped the water supply from the Sindhupalchowk-based Melamchi River to the Kathmandu Valley since June 24.

Board Executive Director Ratna Lamichhane claims that the flood turned the river muddy . As soon as the rain stops, supplies will resume.

Although the bard originally planned to stop supply on June 13th, the plan was delayed because there was no major rain at that time.  The river’s water flow did not increase as expected, so supplies were kept even after the board allegedly made plans to close the project last Friday.

When managing Melamchi’s water supplies during the monsoon, the government considers possible effects on the headworks and other structures.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and project management experts advised the board to stop the supplies in order to protect the project’s structures from monsoon-related risks. “We decided to close it after the river waters turned muddy.”

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