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Nepal’s Large Cardamom Exports Soar, Boosting Trade and Rural Incomes

Large Cardamom

Nepal has established itself as the world’s top producer and exporter of large cardamoms. Large cardamom is a high-value spice that is expected to be a major driver of the country’s commerce and economic growth.

In the first nine months of the current fiscal year, Nepal exported a record Rs6.36 billion worth of large cardamom, a significant increase. Large cardamom is mostly cultivated in eastern districts of Nepal like Ilam. Panchthar, Taplejung and Sankhuwasaba, by around 60,000 farming families.

More than 90% of Nepal’s large cardamom production is exported to India. However, industry experts believe Nepal could earn significantly more by directly accessing end-customers in the Middle East, the largest market for large cardamom.

Prices for large cardamom have also reached near-record levels, trading at Rs2,150 per kg in the domestic market in January 2024, up from Rs1,250 per kg at the start of the season. This price surge has been driven by increasing demand from Muslim countries.

Bangladesh’s demand for large cardamom has been increasing said, Indra chand Bindal, senior vice president of the Large Cardamom Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal, On a meeting during the “National Conference on Large Cardamom: Present status, Opportunities and challenges, held in Kathmandu. 

Bindal also highlighted the difficulty of exporting Cradamom to India through Pakistan as it takes 45-60 days from the kolkata port. He mentioned that if we get access from port of Mumbai, then the product will reach in 10 days.

Cardamom traders urged the government to escalate the issues and negotiate a reduction in duty costs through diplomatic channels to facilitate the export process.

If the ease in export happens, then the export will reach over Rs.15 billions in the coming years.

The impressive performance of Nepal’s large cardamom business demonstrates the Nepal’s potential to capitalize on its unique agricultural resources to enhance exports and economic growth. With the correct legislative support and investment, the cardamom business will be a significant trade booster for the country. 

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