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Visionary entrepreneur Ajit Thapa transforms creative ideas into stunning Printing Services

Success is achieving a goal or completing a project according to a plan. It’s often seen as the opposite of failure and can include gaining wealth, status, or approval. Success can vary based on different beliefs and circumstances. For instance, Ajit Thapa, a young businessman from Nepal, is the CEO and co-founder of Happy Design Printing Service in Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Journey That Lead Ajit Thapa to Entrepreneurship

Ajit Thapa started his own business at a very young age, driven by his passion and determination to create a positive impact in his home country. He works as a graphic designer, designs products, and has built a strong personal brand for himself, through which he transitioned from student life to entrepreneurial life. During his journey of entrepreneurship, he traveled to different places. During one of his trips, he visited Panch Pokhari, located at an altitude of 4100 meters (13500 ft), which lies in Nuwakot, Rasuwa, and Sindhupalchok. There, he promoted his printing business and even encouraged people to support small businesses in Nepal like his own.

About Happy Design Printing Services

His company, “The Happy Design Printing Service,” with the slogan “Your Vision, Our Print Passion,” offers top-quality printing services. It also provides a wide range of products including corporate business prints, event materials, product branding and packaging, books and magazines, marketing brochures and flyers, banners and stickers, graphic design, offset and color printing, and more.

Happy Design Printing Service has collaborated with different platforms. For example, they are the official printing partners for ‘Break Station,’ a hip-hop community in Nepal. His company has also collaborated with ‘Paradym Sports Network’ for printing support, ensuring efficient delivery. The company worked as an event manager for Youth Leadership 2024 along with IGP Sarbendra Khanal, training volunteers. It facilitated printing for Balen Shah’s campaign program and supported Shishir Khanal, a parliament member, during the election.

With a large number of young, creative entrepreneurs pushing the economy, Nepal presents a thriving business landscape. Among them, Ajit stands out as a unique and talented entrepreneur because of his graphics business, which provides a wide range of printing services. In Nepal, he is now considered an inspiration for aspiring business owners. To achieve your goals in life, you must be willing to take risks. Take an example from Ajit Thapa and don’t hesitate to start any company. To advance and grow, you must first launch. Life is full of both accomplishments and obstacles.

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