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Dho Tarap Village: A Hidden Gem in the Himalayas

Dho tarap

Nestled high in Nepal’s Dolpo area, Dho Tarap Village displays the beauty and endurance of Himalayan living. This hidden jewel, at a height of about 4,080 meters (13,386 feet), is one of the world’s highest human settlements. What defines Dho Tarap is its combination of breathtaking natural beauty, a rich cultural legacy, and the unwavering spirit of its people.

Where exactly is Dho Tarap Village located?

Dho Tarap is located in northern Nepal’s Dolpo district, near the Shey Phoksundo National Park. It is situated in a hidden valley, surrounded by tall, snowcapped hills and breathtaking surroundings. The town is part of the wider Dolpo region, which is known for its rocky landscape and isolated communities.


Dho Tarap has a rich history that extends several centuries. The community has historically been a hub for Tibetan Buddhism, and many of its residents are descended from Tibetan settlers. The region’s historical isolation has helped preserve its unique cultural heritage.


The residents of Dho Tarap celebrate a variety of traditional festivities throughout the year. One of the most important is the Yartung celebration, which commemorates the conclusion of the harvest season. 

Major Attractions

Dho Tarap has a variety of attractions for adventurous travellers. The village, with its traditional stone buildings and Buddhist monasteries, is a prominent attraction. Nearby, the Shey Phoksundo National Park boasts breathtaking natural splendor, including the blue waters of Phoksundo Lake and the high Kanjiroba Himal range.

Trekking Routes

One of the most common ways to enjoy Dho Tarap is by trekking. The Lower Dolpo Trek and the Dho Tarap to Jomsom Trek are two of the Dolpo region’s most hard and rewarding treks. These routes lead trekkers through distant settlements, high mountain passes, and unspoiled wilderness areas.


Dho Tarap Village is a hidden jewel in the Himalayas, presenting a unique combination of natural beauty, rich culture, and strong community life. Dho Tarap is a place unlike any other, with breathtaking scenery and rich fauna, as well as active customs and friendly residents. As tourism to this rural community increases, it is critical to promote sustainable practices that will allow future generations to enjoy its unique appeal.

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