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Diyalo Bangla Opens to Public: A Historical Gem in Bharatpur

Diyalo Bangla

Hit Bhadur Tamang, the Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, opened the Diyalo Bangla, making it accessible for everyone to visit the beautiful and historical palace, now under Nepal Trust’s ownership.

The Bharatpur Metropolitan City Office requested that the palace become publicly accessible.

On the occasion, Minister Hit Bhadur Tamang mentioned that the palace will be essential for both visitors and researchers and that opening the Diyalo Bangla to the public will be  a great step toward making the Bharatpur Visit Year 2024 a success.

He kept saying that more visitors would visit Bharatpur after the introduction of night flights at Bharatpur Airport following its development and that more tourists would also visit the palace.

Similarly, Bharatpur Mayor Renu Dahal said the palace has been made accessible for everybody with the Nepal Trust’s approval and that the general public is welcome to visit the palace to satisfy their interest.

She said a guideline will be developed for the Diyalo Bangla’s systematic operation and that visitors will receive free entry until the guideline is completed.

The metropolitan city is attempting to market this palace as a major tourist attraction in town.

As negotiated between the Nepal Trust and Bharatpur Metropolitan City, the two organizations will split the revenue, with the Nepal Trust receiving 60%. 

It has been open since July 7, Sunday.

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