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“Sarbajit” – A Groundbreaking Film on Nepal’s Dalit Rights

Nepal’s Gandaki Provincial government has allocated approximately Rs. 1 million for the production of a biographical film, “Sarbajit,” about Bhagat Sarbajit Bishwokarma, a pioneering Dalit rights leader. The film serves as a powerful statement against caste discrimination and untouchability in Nepal, promoting social justice.

The Inspiring Story of Bhagat Sarbajit

Born in Baglung Municipality in 1893, Bhagat Sarbajit Bishwokarma was a visionary leader who founded the Dalit movement in Nepal. His tireless dedication to justice is demonstrated by his relentless struggle against caste-based discrimination and the pursuit of equal rights for Dalits, which is deeply established in Nepalese history.

The Film’s Journey

“Sarbajit” is a film directed by Dinesh DC and written by Rabin Acharya, aiming to showcase the life and legacy of Bhagat Sarbajit Bishwokarma, who was a prominent figure in the fight against caste discrimination. The production received initial budget allocation from the Gandaki Pragya Pratisthan, with additional contributions from former Minister Prem Ale.

Challenges and Triumphs in Production

“Sarbajit” production faced challenges like government support delays and financial constraints, but the filmmakers’ determination and budget of approximately Rs. 12.5 million have kept the project on track. Pre-production activities like casting and location scouting are complete, and shooting is set to begin in next Baisakh (April).

“Sarbajit” is set to be shot in India’s significant locations, including Baglung, Palpa, Pokhara, Kathmandu, and Varanasi, featuring new stage actors for an authentic portrayal of historical events.

A Cinematic Milestone for Nepal

“Sarbajit” is a Nepalese film that highlights the potential of cinema to effect social change and raise awareness about critical issues like caste discrimination, serving as a tribute to Bhagat Sarbajit Bishwokarma and supports today’s efforts to fight social injustices.

The Legacy of Bhagat Sarbajit Bishwokarma

Bhagat Sarbajit Bishwokarma, a prominent figure in the Dalit movement, established the Bhiswo Sarvajan Sangh in 1940 and the Bishwokarma Primary School in 1950. His activism, marked by personal sacrifices and imprisonments, laid the foundation for subsequent Dalit movements in Nepal.

The Bhagat Sarbajit Bishwokarma Foundation in Baglung continues to honor his legacy in Kathmandu, Baglung, and Surkhet through publications and art, ensuring his contributions are remembered and celebrated.

Looking Ahead

“Sarbajit” is a promising effort for the Nepalese film industry, demonstrating a rising dedication to producing films that not only entertain but also educate and inspire, to create a more inclusive society in which all contributions, regardless of caste or origin, are recognized and appreciated.

“Sarbajit” is a Nepalese film that underscores the significance of storytelling in promoting social change and preserving the legacy of justice fighters, demonstrating the Nepalese film industry’s commitment to promoting equality and human rights through cinema.

Share your ideas! What influence do you believe “Sarbajit” will have on Nepalese society and the film industry?

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