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International Day of Yoga Celebrated in Nepal with Enthusiasm

As the world prepares for the 10th International Day of Yoga on June 21st, the Indian Embassy in Nepal has been organizing a variety of events to promote this ancient practice and its health benefits.

Yoga by the Phewa Lake and Beyond

On Wednesday, June 19th, the Embassy held a yoga demonstration on Phewa Lake in Pokhara, attracting a diverse crowd including local officials, yoga enthusiasts, retired Gorkha soldiers, and staff from the Embassy’s office.

The morning session featured yoga instructors teaching asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques. They also emphasized the overall health benefits of yoga for both physical and mental health and discussed the advantages of each practice.

Pokhara University Gets Involved

The Indian Embassy collaborated with Pokhara University to organize a yoga demonstration and health consultation with Ayurvedic practitioners for students and faculty on June 19th, with the renowned Vice Chancellor, Prof. Prem Narayan Aryal, serving as Chief Guest.

Yoga for Women’s Empowerment

With the theme of the 2024 International Day of Yoga, the Embassy prepared a special lecture demonstration on the health advantages of yoga for women in collaboration with Maiti Nepal, a renowned organization advocating for women’s and children’s rights, on June 19th.

The session addressed yoga’s positive impact on women’s well-being, including its role in encouraging empowerment, physical and emotional well-being, stress reduction, improved physical health, and increased mental clarity.

Yoga at Pashupatinath Temple: A Spiritual Connection

To increase awareness and celebrate International Yoga Day, the Embassy hosted a yoga demonstration at  Pashupatinath Temple on June 19th. The serene temple atmosphere emphasized the cultural ties between India and Nepal, providing a perfect backdrop for the practice.

The event at Pashupatinath Temple drew a diverse crowd, highlighting the universal appeal of yoga.

Celebrating a Global Phenomenon

The Indian Embassy in Nepal is promoting yoga as a global health tool that promotes mindful living and transcends cultural and geographic borders, proving its ability to bring people together.

As we approach the 10th International Day of Yoga, these ceremonies serve as a reminder of the practice’s significant influence on individuals and communities throughout the world.

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