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APF Nepal Repairs and Paints Border Pillars in Parsa


The Armed Police Force (APF) Nepal Battalion 13 has taken on an important project to repair and paint the border pillars in Parsa. Under the leadership of Battalion Commander Radheshyam Dhimal, the APF has successfully painted and repaired 399 out of 489 border pillars, including main, auxiliary, and minor pillars. 

The complete maintenance work includes 21 key border pillars in Parsa, 19 of which have already been restored and painted. “We will proceed with the repair work on the remaining two main border pillars after completing the necessary legal processes,” Commander Dhimal said.

In addition to the main pillars, the APF has prioritized auxiliary and minor border pillars. Twelve out of thirteen auxiliary pillars have been rebuilt. Furthermore, the team restored 368 of the 455 tiny border pillars, leaving only 87 minor pillars for the maintenance.

Commander Dhimal mentioned” This project of repairing border pillars is a collaborative effort with a variety of government entities, including the Survey Office.”

The APF’s effort demonstrates its dedication to protecting Nepal’s borders and improving the visibility and effectiveness of these important markers. It is a vital step to enhance national security and border integrity.

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