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Travel Alert: Naubise-Malekhu Road to be closed for 15 Nights

Prithivi Highway, Naubise-Malekhu Section: Road Closure for Night Maintenance


Starting from today, July 10 to July 24, the Naubise-Malekhu section of the Prithivi Highway will be closed for maintenance during nighttime. The road will be closed from 10 PM to 3 AM each night for 15 consecutive nights.

This temporary closure is for maintenance of roads to ensure the safety and quality of the highway. However, emergency vehicles such as ambulances and security force vehicles are allowed to pass through during these hours.

Authorities strictly request drivers to maintain their lanes and follow road signs during the closure. This cooperation will help ensure the maintenance work progresses smoothly and the highway reopens promptly.

Residents and commuters are advised to plan their travel accordingly to avoid inconvenience. This maintenance is a crucial step in enhancing road safety and ensuring a smoother driving experience on the Prithivi Highway.

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