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Bringing Fashion to Life : Amisha Oli

amisha oli

A young girl who is encouraging, and inspiring models to embrace their true selves, aiding them in growing and shining positively. She helps to achieve their dreams of becoming models through various events. She is Amisha Oli, lives in Kathmandu, Nepal but originally from Dang, Nepal. She was born on 27th October 2002. She completed her SEE from Amar Jyoti Secondary School and is pursuing her third year in  BBS degree at Siddhartha Multiple College, Kalanki, Kathmandu.

At a very young age, she owns a company named D.E. Events. D.E Events has been operating for a year, with its focus on beauty pageants. She is an event coordinator at Top Model Universe Nepal. Not only that, but she is also an organizer of the Face of model and the Face of Rising Model of the Year, Mr. and Miss Rising Teen Nepal, and of Mr. and Miss Teen Fresher 2022.


Amisha Oli is the organizer of The Kathmandu Glam Gala. The event is about empowering grace, inspiring confidence, and beauty beyond boundaries. Here, they trained models for 30 days with individual confidence sessions, teaching them to be perfect and outstanding themselves.

What Motivated Her in modeling

She was inspired to pursue modeling after witnessing her sister rehearsing at the Miss E college program. She always looks up to her sister and gets inspiration from her. After completing her SEE, she got a call from ‘Artist Nepal’ where she got her first portfolio. Then she started her modeling career.

Her Experience during the Show

Everyone must face something while working in any industry. Likewise, Amisha has to face several types of bullies on social media and even  through the people within  the working field. She used to get requests for the front-facing job, but the event managers used to body shame her and told her to do a supporting role. Everyone has a picture of how a model should be, so being perfect for herself, she was never perfect for industries. They used to harass and defame her on social media. During her early days, they used a lot of abusive language, which made her feel uncomfortable. She began to question herself and had to deal with bullies in her career.

How Did She Manage

Amisha, being in her teenage years having no self-confidence, had to deal with various bullies. She keeps doing the things she is most enthusiastic about, despite receiving hatred. She begins to embrace herself, gains self-assurance, and only reacts to compliments. She convinced herself that she could achieve her ambition, and that is what brought her to this point. She acknowledged the issue, used her self-awareness to analyze the situation, and motivates herself to do things. She maintained her priorities in place and is currently pursuing her ambition.

Why To Participate In Her Beauty Pageant?

She has faced numerous obstacles and hardships along the way in this career path, and she does not want other people to go through similar cruel experiences. Through engaging with individuals, she wants the models to grow and find who they are, as well as know  their own value and strength. She wants to motivate others and share her experiences on how to succeed in life, assist them reach their objectives, push over their comfort zones, and shine through challenging circumstances.

How  Can We contact Her?

Anyone can contact her through the phone call, Instagram, Facebook, through any social forms. Detailed information can be found on social media, and anyone interested in modeling can contact her.

Contact number 9813836717

Every individual you encounter in daily life has a unique background and way of thinking. People should be confident enough to tackle the difficulties in their lives. Individuals may desire your failure and attempt to bring you down, but you must encourage yourself internally. 

You must be well-prepared for both good and terrible days ahead if you choose to pursue any kind of endeavor in life. But talking about modeling, you will face challenges like body shaming, negative comments, nepotism, bullies on social media etc. Ignoring all that negativity, you should have confidence in yourself and not let negativity destroy your physical and mental health. Your future will be determined by your presentation.

Follow your dreams, have faith in yourself, and remember that what counts most is your inner peace of mind.

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