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Pokhara Metro Unveils ‘Pokhara for All Seasons’ to Boost Tourism


The Pokhara Metropolitan City (PMC) announces the ‘Pokhara for All Seasons’ initiative to enhance tourism and support local businesses. This new program was launched in collaboration with the private sector and aims to attract more visitors to the city. Pokhara is famous for its stunning lakes, beautiful landscapes, and breathtaking vistas of mountains seen from the city.

This is a very crucial step in promoting and uplifting local business and economy.  

Mayor Dhan Raj Acharya announced this initiative while presenting the Metropolis’s annual policies and programs for the fiscal year 2024/25.

 In a major highlight, PMC declares 2025 as the Pokhara Visit Year, targeting 1.5 million tourists. To achieve this, PMC will coordinate with federal and provincial governments and the private sector.

Mayor acharya said”, An action plan will be developed to implement the Tourism Capital Pokhara Integrated Strategy, ensuring systematic development in Pokhara. Additionally, the ‘one ward, one special program’ will identify and promote the unique features of each of the city’s 33 wards. 

PMC’s new policies also aim to attract both domestic and international investments. To facilitate this, the city will organize investment meetings and events. Digital media will be used properly to promote tourism.

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